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I am a freelance copywriter based in Orlando, Fla. I am currently a senior journalism major at the University of Central Florida with a minor in legal studies. I am the assistant life editor for UCF's news publication NSM Today. I have an expected graduation date of May 2022, and I plan to attend law school after graduation. My goal is to become a family lawyer and contribute to legal journals.

When I am not editing stories, I enjoy horseback riding and  reading in my free time. 

This portfolio highlights my work as a student journalist. Thank you for taking the time to review my work and passion for writing.

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Multimedia and Visuals

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UCF Arboretum hosts Birds and Bees/Insects Hike

PHOTO GALLERY: The UCF Arboretum teamed up with the Botanical Society of UCF, the Entomological Society at UCF and the UCF Knighthawks on Thursday. The three organizations came together to host a guided natural lands hike. The Birds and Bees/Insects Hike walked students through the UCF Arboretum's trails.

UCF Knighthawks provided binoculars for students to birdwatch, and the Entomological Society had containers and nets for students in search of creepy-crawly insects. Members of the Botanical Society provided insights on the native greenery and suggested students download the app Seek. The app uses image recognition to name local plants by snapping a picture.

Before the guided hike, students and club members met under the nature pavilion at the UCF Arboretum. Botanical and entomological enthusiasts came together to catch damselflies, admire prickly plants and study the tree line.